Many business owners would agree that technology advances are having a enormous impact on our businesses today. Singapore government is expecting to spend an estimated S$3.8 billion on procuring the ICT solutions this year. The amount has increased almost 10% compare to year 2020. The government also offers many technology grants for the SMEs. The goal is so that the companies can improve their productivity, eventually increase their competitiveness & profits.


However, by just pursuing the latest technologies without a strong foundation for transformation is like building one’s house on a shaky ground. Businesses need to build the core fundamentals of efficiency & effectiveness. This solid foundation empower the businesses to withstand disruptive trends. Balance is the key to life. I believe having a well-balanced processes in place is one of the important keys to building a stable & successful digital adaptive enterprise. I will be sharing with you practical ways to improve your business processes & case study for next few sessions. The process improvements practices enable you to better manage your projects & businesses. They can also help you to identify problems & resolve them in a more effective way.

Implementing business processes is never easy. It takes a lot of resources & efforts. But if you & your staffs persevere, you will see tremendous results & harvest over time.

I will be focusing on the retail & F&B business’ process improvements. Here are some of the topics that you can expect from my sharing:

  • The concept, values, principles & practices of process improvement.
  • Basics of process mapping.
  • Process improvement framework
  • Various stages of process improvement
  • Process modeling
  • Various tools & techniques used for process improvement
  • How to develop & implement process improvement strategy for your businesses

Until the next session, stay safe, take care & be blessed.

“Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding” ~ Proverbs 3:13 ~